More About The Ethnic Girl Travels

Welcome to Ethnic Girl Travels, a travel diary where I combine my interests in writing, story telling,  photography and technology with my innate curiosity for learning and discovering new cultures, new landscapes, new cuisines and new and fresh perspectives on life

Ethnic Girl Travels

Born in Pakistan, spent my early childhood in Saudi Arabia, I came to Canada at the prime age of 8. Seeing so much at such a young age I was curious to discover more of the world. However, life didn’t present me with a true opportunity to fulfill this desire until 2012 when at the age of 24 I was given the chance to live abroad. I temporarily relocated to The Sultanate of Oman to pursue an exciting job role.

Throughout my time abroad I felt blessed to grow close to locals, witness and participate in cultural activities and gain cultural insights. And equally lucky to set my eyes on beautiful landscapes across the country.

I came home to Canada feeling so inspired by all that I had witnessed in the span of a year and promised myself to unravel the hidden gems across the world, places boasting with natural beauty, rich cultures and deep rooted histories.

Since then I have kept to my promise and traveled across southern Italy, and East and South Africa and Ecuador. I share each travel experience with the intent to offer new learnings and showcase all that a place has to offer.

Outside of travel

When I am not out exploring, I am at home reading up on psychology and personal development. Life has been a beautiful journey thus far but in the past few years I’ve realized how crucial it is to explore your emotions, painpoints and traumas and build a stronger connection with your inner self.

I have created this website not to simply share travel experiences but also explore deeper relationships with the self and those around us. Relationships we build with ourselves and our loved ones. Our connection to the world. Soul searching and aligning with our inner purpose

Highly Creative Persons, Entrepreneurs, Empaths, Free Spirits, People of Colour, Expats and all those exploring new perspectives on life will find information and opinions on this site to be of value.

Follow along on my journey.

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