Padar Paradise Island

Welcome to Padar Island, one of the most notable islands on the Komodo Archipelago. Only an hour ride from Komodo Island, Pulau Padar is also home to the Komodo. 3 to be exact, in comparison to its neighbouring island which has over a thousand of the same species.

The moment our tour guides shared this little piece of information, I couldn’t help but get VERY nervous. Mind you, upon entering Komodo Island,  visitors are assigned an experienced ranger to protect them at all times. Here at Padar Island, my friend and I were wandering alone, unprotected.

What do you do if the Komodo suddenly crosses paths with you during your visit? we asked our tour guides this question as a precaution. Solution “stay calm”. Considering these are man eating lizards, you might fear for your life but drawing more attention to yourself is hazardous.


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