Beauty around us



Dear readers,

I have been long meaning to update my blog and the day has finally come. 2017 is certainly the year I give Ethnic Girl Travels priority, focus and yes, of course LOTS OF CONTENT!

So, what was I up to while away from the blog? for one, I was busy updating the Ethnic Girl Travels Instagram account with fun visual treats. Have a look when you get the chance

Two and more importantly, I was working on bettering the quality of my life. As I grow older, I am beginning to understand the true value on self love, healthy living and positive thinking. It is essential for us to nurture ourselves amidst the chaos of our busy lives. It is also vital to understand ourselves fully so we can focus our energies on aspects of our life that matter most to us.


Last year was the start of a journey which has helped led me towards greater inner peace. I am not fully there yet but as soon as I am, I’ll be sure to share the full details.

Art truly is therapeutic. It is your expression of your soul. Your avenue for channeling your emotions and releasing pain/frustration/anger/vulnerability all in healthy productive ways. Using your hands and energy to create something you not only put physical force into but also pour heart and soul in to can deeply connect you with your work. Last year I got involved with dance and design classes. Both experiences were incredibly rewarding.

Photographing and editing has been a long passion and this year I combined it with my innate curiosity to further continue my documentation of people and places. See more on my instagram page

I did not get to post as much as I would have liked but I am proud of many of the images I did share and the incredible new local places I visited.

Your feedback is always welcomed.

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