Local Living in Ecuador’s Amazon

Part of the reason I chose to travel to Ecuador was the chance to live in the Amazon Jungle and experience the hospitality of a local Quechua family.

The tour company I travelled with G Adventures has a long standing partnership with Amazon resident Delphi- a loving husband, father, grand father and shaman- who welcomes tour groups into his home to exhibit his culture, the natural environment, local Ecuadorian cuisine and warm hospitality of his people. Delphi’s  beautiful natural built abode offers a unique living experience. The entire home functions without electricity with the exception of one area. Lightbulbs do not exist. Flashlights and candles were our only source of light past sunset. This was surprisingly pleasant as the subtle light added to the already relaxing ambiance- consisting of sounds of chirping crickets and smells of burning wood.

On our first night, our group spent the evening playing cards with Delphi’s family members and our tour guide. On our second night, our group gathered around in the evening and listened to Delphi’s stories on his spirituality, shamanism and watched him perform sacred shaman ceremonies.

Here is a breakdown in pictures of my highlights from our short but very memorable stay in the Amazon.

Amazon Home




Amazon Jungle Views



Making Cocoa

Screenshot [new


 Shaman Ceremonies

IMG_4397[1] (2)

IMG_4400 (2)

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4 thoughts on “Local Living in Ecuador’s Amazon

  1. Hi,

    Wonderful experience! We spent 6 weeks deep in the jungles of Costa Rica recently. Nothing like being off the grid, with no internet, electricity or plumbing. Getting back to nature enlightens you and it sure made me appreciate convenience too 😉

    Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing!


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