5 Reasons To Visit Baños Ecuador

You may have heard of Baños De Agua Santa, it has recently come under the spotlight for it’s famously bold Swing At The End Of The World located at a treehouse named Casa Del Arbol. This small city situated on the Andean Highlands has a lot more to see and do than just the hair raising swing ride.

Here are a few reasons you need to visit Baños if you are planning on visiting in Ecuador:

Beautiful Views

Image above was taken across Casa Del Arbol area. Baños is situated on the Andean Highlands which guarantees you will encounter picturesque vista’s everywhere you go.


Image taken by fellow travel mate

Renowned for it’s waterfalls including the popular Devil’s Cauldron, Baños is a great place to:

a) Hike to see waterfalls

b) Ride in a cable car to see waterfalls

c) Go waterfall trekking/canyoning


Adventure Sports

Hailed as the adventure capital of South America, Baños is certainly worth visiting if you love extreme sports such as:


Bungee Jumping


White Water Rafting



Specialty shops

Souvenir shops in Baños not only exhibit beautiful crafts but some (including the one shown above) also demonstrate how beads and ornaments are created in store using natural material grown on local trees.


Parades and Festivals

If you happen to be visiting Baños on a special holiday or event, feast your eyes on live performances. Seen above is a parade led by school children commemorating the city’s anniversary in mid December.



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