The Wildest Swing Ride

My most recent international travel adventure was a memorable trip to Ecuador in December of 2015.

I had long been fascinated by the swing at the edge of a cliff ride notoriously popular via viral content marketing platforms.

I was travelling with my mother and chose a well rounded tour package by G Adventures which happened to include a visit to the town of Banos De Agua Santa, the town known for adventure sports and more recently this bold swing ride.

Getting there

A twenty minute car ride from the heart of Banos, Casa Del Arbol tree-house is situated on top of a cliff. To get to this location you will need to walk up a short set of stairs.

Our round trip taxi cost to Casa Del Arbol was $20 USD and this also included stops at waterfalls and viewpoints along the way

Cost of the swing ride

The cost to enter Casa Del Arbol and ride on the swing is a mere $1 USD.

What does this $1 cost include?

Unlimited rides on the swing. This I speak from experience. I took multiple turns on the swing and there was absolutely no issue. This may have also been partly because we arrived when there was little traffic as it was closer to the time of sunset.

Swing Safety

The swing is safe. There is a strap that locks you in to your seat. The rope like strap is quite roomy allowing you to easily lean backward or forward (giving you easy flexibility to pose for bold daredevil images).

The only major safety concern I had was in bringing the swing to a stop. The ledge that launches the swing doesn’t do a great job stopping it. Unfortunately there are no tree house staff responsible for stopping the two swings

My experience with trying to slow down and stop the swing was not very positive. My swing had started slowing down. I tried to stop the movement by grounding my feet over the wooden ledge (the same ledge designed to help you launch). What resulted from this move was my feet slipping off the ledge and onto the side into the mud.

The mud was even slipperier and because of the slope, I found myself desperately trying to stop my- strapped inside the swing- self from slipping completely off the edge of the cliff.

By this time I realized my swing’s straps were not very sturdy and neither were the hooks connecting the swing with the tree house. My body’s position was exerting pressure on to both and this pressure was increasing per second. Desperate to save myself, I forced my body into a  complete stop. I got out quickly and quietly, assuming I had done something wrong to have experienced this.

A few minutes later, my mom was in the exact same position. I ran over and brought her swing to a full stop before she could slip any further.

Final Word of Advice

Before sitting on the swing be sure to have a companion or even a bystander agree to help you bring it to a stop once you are ready to get off. This will prevent any risky stopping and potential slips from taking place.  Aside from the stopping issue, the swing ride can be a very pleasant experience. The views from high above are incredible.

Safe swinging (not in that other way of course)!


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