new perspectives- curiosity on observing Canada’s cultures and geography

new perspectives- curiosity on observing Canada's cultures and geography

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After spending an entire year away from Canada and being exposed to very unique cultures in their natural uninfluenced forms, it’s been a challenge to be home and not have that authenticity available. Cultural heritage in Canada is prevalent in more rural and remote areas and certainly thriving in Native communities.

I’ll need to look harder in order for me to have some access to more fascinating cultures/communities(non-immigrant) that are near the Toronto suburbs. The fact that this winter has been unbelievably brutal and Canadians homebound has also kept me from spending anytime outdoors to explore new things.

I am quite interested in visiting Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia, now referred to as Haida Gwaii. From an early age I had noticed my interest in geography, thus I paid great attention during geography class throughout school, and hearing about the fascinating archipelago has kept me longing to visit.

With my new position, I do receive 2 weeks of vacation. I plan to visit friends across Europe and or Asia to continue to keep feeding my passion for exploration and travel. I am highly considering a trip to Haida Gwaii. I am a proud supporter of Canadian tourism and would love to experience the best parts of Canada as soon as possible.

Anxiously awaiting warmer weather! 

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