Reflecting back on 2013

2013 you will be remembered for the journey that you have been. One where unpredictability awaited at every path. One where thrill, adventure, and learning were often everyday experiences. One where enduring change after change made you feel like nothing is permanent. One where you began to feel so nomadic you forgot you had a permanent home. One where growing close to people hurt just as much as it soothed the soul because you knew eventually you’d say goodbye. One where your encounters with incredible people and their remarkable spirits taught you the true value of strength and bravery.

Journey where what you thought was the end … you later discovered was just the beginning. One where the permanent home began to feel unfamiliar, where those known for years now talked different and one where you saw just how easily life had moved on for others while you were gone.  In this new journey you felt caught up in a world you left behind and unable to adapt to the one you came back to. Journey where you began to see it all (your hometown, your community and your social circles) from an outsider’s view. Journey where you eventually started to rediscover and embrace your own inner wisdom and strength and approach life differently. Journey where you now continue your spirit of learning and discovering by finding new avenues to explore and recognizing that journey is not the travel itself but the mindset of growing.

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