Right mix for vibrant living

Image taken in Karachi, Pakistan at a commercial center.

I am very soon to hit the big Two Six mark.

I recently heard the term “you are as young as you feel” and with each passing day I realize why its true.

I am not denying that age does not show on a woman’s face, her body, in her poise, in her values and thoughts.

Older age can mean wisdom, self understanding, knowledge and all the great positive attributes that come with maturity. However, age can often mean lacking in energy, deteriorating health, physical changes and even mentally with age focus shifts from anticipating the rest of our lives, feeling excited about the now and future to dwelling over the past, holding on to regret and fearing but awaiting death.

Old age is a mind set…and its very possible to spend your later years in life in satisfaction of your decisions, your contributions and your relationships. If we really want to spend the rest of our lives as free birds detached from fears and insecurities of aging we MUST extract all the goodness that comes from getting older and pride ourselves in these qualities but also live a life of positive energies.

Any opportunities you get, surround yourself with children, adolescents, youth…participate in activities that re-awaken and rejuvenate your spirit, that excite you, that get your adrenaline rush going.

I mentioned earlier about surrounding ourselves with children and youth because if your life lacks thrill and excitement, it can be extremely rewarding to influence the lives of those who have an endless number of possibilities with what they should do with the rest of their lives.

If life doesn’t end up blessing you with children of your own then finding ways to surround yourself with upbeat energy  is essential for your well being.

Perhaps its because beyond all else experiences shape who we are, takes us to a level where we feel, live and cherish only the present. Experience that I speak of is that “high” moment. the actions, initiatives and activities that make you feel content, alive, that ignite your passion and drive you to further invest your energies.

These experiences for my are travels, opportunities for personal and intellectual growth, they are events and periods when my loved ones are all gathered by my side, and they are also initiatives where I feel excited,completely in control, and appreciated.

It may sound redundant but plan it out! create a direction for how you plan to live a self fulfilling life and follow through. Feel alive everyday and you will never value a number such as age.

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