Beautiful landscapes near Muscat

During my year abroad in Oman I was very blessed to have had the chance to visit various natural attractions.

I was truly grateful for was having the opportunity to stay in a country where I could easily explore beautiful sights. Most natural attractions are easily accessible by road. Gas is very affordable so driving far distances is never an issue . And luckily I was blessed with great company all throughout my time in Muscat. These friends were always open for taking road trips. If you are an extrovert like me you will have no trouble finding friends who share the similar zest for life and fun activities.

Here is a list of locations showcased in the above picture gallery:

  1. The tallest peak in the Arabian peninsula, Jabal Shams ( also known as the grand canyon of Oman) is worth a visit.
  2. Masira Island
  3. Barr Al Jissah area (en route to Sifa beach)
  4. Sifa Beach
  5. Wadi Shab
Hope you enjoyed the views. Have you visited Oman? I would love to hear about your stay!

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