Charmed- Muttrah Souk

Charmed by old architecture

Books, blogs and other forms of writing frequently begin from the start of one’s journey. My blog however is different.

As I begin my journey of writing about my experiences with travel and culture I begin with my last day of my year abroad in The Sultanate of Oman.

The site featured above is Muttrah Souk. A place I visited regularly during my final days living in Oman.Situated right across from Mattrah Corniche, the iconic port of Muscat,  Mattrah souk (meaning market in Arabic) is a popular tourist destination dating back over 200 years. This souk is special. Being one of the oldest marketplaces in the Arab world, the souk is filled with old historic charm. Stroll through the vibrant alleys and you will find a wide range of traditional goods. Frankincense. Silver and copper jewels. Locally made clay pots. Hand woven Omani dresses. Persian rugs. Moroccan lamps.

It was on my final day, bright and early right before most shops opened and the hustle and bustle began I came across the light reflecting through the windows and snapped this eye catching photograph.

One thing to note. Muttrah souk is an iconic representation of Oman’s culture. This is evident throughout the architecture of the market and also the variety of goods sold. However, many shop merchants are not of Omani descent. This aside the market has plenty to offer shoppers looking for rare gems of souvenirs to remember Oman by.


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